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Heather stepped foot into the passageway to Dusty Forest. She let out a sigh and started walking for her favorite spot: The Snowy Cliff. She put on her Mareep Wool hat and silk scarf. She started running, and as she climbed the trees, it got snowier. She started trudging when she tripped over something reddish. A rock? she thought, poking it with a stick.

"Ugh." it moaned, and stood up. Standing rock? she thought, until she saw it was a Vulpix. It shook the snow off of it's fur and looked at Heather with curious eyes. "Cool, a Skorupi." it breathed. Heather blinked, Haven't you ever seen a Skorupi? She must be from a place where there are no Skorupi's...

"H-hi." Heather said, reaching out a hand/paw to shake the Vulpix's. The russet fire-type Pokemon backed up, beads of sweat forming on her nose. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"TALKING POKEMON!" the Vulpix freaked, then looked at her paws and her tail. "I'M A POKEMON!" she shouted.
Chapter three

STILL NO MOUSE :iconcryforeverplz:
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